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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

BBC FTTH coverage

About time Cumbria got some really good publicity! The BBC are focussing on FTTH and next gen for the rest of the week and there is plenty to watch and read.
BBC Tech pages by Jane Wakefield and Rory Cellan-Jones
LA on TV (sorry about sound quality at the end, am trying to get a digital version of the piece)

I would like to add that I forgot to mention far too many different things - Dig Where You Live, JFDI, C'mon baby light my fibre, the fantastic investment opportunity that is FTTH and the returns UK plc will see from deploying, etc etc etc but p'raps it is time to make our own Fibre TV shows anyway?! Anyone want to feature?

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1 comment:

Cyberdoyle said...

good idea, our own shows, but how the hell do we upload it anywhere with a rural connection?