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Friday, 15 May 2009


"50 Jigabytes... Not to the home yet but coming...." And not a correction in sight from Mr Gary Shainberg BT's VP of Technology & Innovation Support aka Mr JFDI (cough, splutter). Bring on the bandwidth in Israel, anyone else fancy moving there with us?

Oh, you want a link to the video with BT's new 'chap' in charge of getting things done?! If BT are working so hard with the Open Source community, perhaps they want to look at Open Sauce Digging from Chris et al. (There is more to come from other rural areas of the country but we can't get them off their connections long enough to edit the vids!!!)

Thanks to everyone for the calls, tweets, DMs, skype msgs, emails, diggs, and much more. I _am_ trying to be diplomatic (honest!) but let's face it,if you want your points putting across, you hang on to your company cars, pensions etc and I'll just keep being me with your input!! At least between all of us, some of the messages are getting through, it seems.

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