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Friday, 13 June 2008

Three cheers

Well said, Ian Fogg about BT's Ebbsfleet FTTH trial.

"These speeds make it the lowest [speed] fibre service in Europe", Jupiter Research analyst Ian Fogg told the BBC.

Let's face it - 300 homes is hardly a ground breaking trial when millions of homes around the world are now connected to a FTTH connection.

BT are slovenly in innovation at the best of times, and to see this trial being promoted at Broadband Stakeholder Group conferences, in the press etc as some sort of advance for Broadband Britain should make us all ashamed of not just our Government, but also some of our corporations. The lack of symmetry in the proposed connections and a 2Mbps with 100Mbps bursts is pretty sad.

If I was a BT shareholder, I'd want to know why BT aren't endeavouring to grab market share with what is, after all, a very mature technology. Why are they failing to run proper trials that are actually trialling something new in terms of speed for UK consumers?

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