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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Telco 2.0 comments on BSG conference

It seems that about a week is required for commentators to appear in the blogsphere about the BSG conference, reports, speakers etc. Telco 2.0 are well-placed to assess the implications of all that has been said...
Entitling their article Prospects for FTTH in Britain: considered slow, the article proceeds to take a very objective and in-depth view of the whole situation, playing off the government, industry and consumers against each other. One recurring thread, which I could cheer to see, is this support for co-ops, community owned, local initiatives and open access networks, both from speakers at the event and now in the FTTH blogosphere. It has been a very long time for the validity of such approaches to make their way into mainstream thinking.

And it's nice to see an article linking to one of my books and mentioning me, albeit anonymously! Thank you Telco 2.0 - a valid and timely article that all should read.

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