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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Community owned and run networks

Many of the lessons learned from building first generation community owned networks bear consideration in the build, design, management etc of next generation networks. These JFDI Community Network books offer the chance to learn from first-hand experience and save re-inventing the wheel.

Rural community broadband is hardly a new subject, but the approaches taken to overcome the digital divide with community-run networks are back in the news with the advent of Fibre To The Home, FTTX, NGA, and the increasing amount of commentary and news coverage about the community-owned and run model.

South Witham is an award-winning co-operative in Lincolnshire, and their story is told in detail from the initial concept through to recent innovations. Wennington is an NWDA-funded wireless mesh network that serves a deeply rural community where the incumbents feared to tread. It uses the CLEO wireless network as backhaul, and the case studies of the businesses affected and the changes they have effected since broadband connected them to customers and the global market make for interesting reading.

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