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Friday, 13 June 2008

FTTH on the news

Every which way you look, suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, FTTH is in the news.

Whether it is Rory Cellan-Jones standing in Scotland waving a lump of fibre at viewers, the Guardian reporting on the BSG's broadband crisis summit this week, or Ceefax running the story that BT's fibre trial in Ebbsfleet will be the slowest fibre in Europe, FTTH has finally reached the mass consciousness.

And bloody hell, it has taken a long time for some of us! Back in 1984, Britain nearly got FTTH. If only that had happened. We would be leading the world in the information/knowledge economy right now, not struggling along at a snail's pace with a pathetic comms infrastructure that is making us the laughing stock of Europe.

Anyway, as I find articles of interest about fibre, or just decide to rant, it will be posted here. And that means, check back regularly, as I have been known to rant almost hourly about broadband Britain!!!

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