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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This week's catch up

Scotland thinks it's being left behind, BDUK is under fire, and BT reckons it can spend yet more money on copper roll out for s'posedly superfast broadband

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And when you have, the reality that will dawn on you is that if this country was hit by an earthquake, the chance of you having a halfway decent connection as you leg it out of your tower block in the City, to any type of connection to the Internet, is MINIMAL.

DoCoMo went down, big style, but internet connections stayed up in Japan. Why? Not mobile towers but fibre connectivity and decent DSL. The UK has *NONE* of that. We can't even offer mobile coverage to a vast proportion of the country - been on a train lately? Fancy reading your texts on the Tube?

This country's incumbents can be 'offended' and 'furious' when new entrants and non-SMP players tell the truth about the reality of pricing for access to ducts, poles and masts, and then send it to committee and the regulator. Or we can get on top of the problems caused by a creaking incumbent to whom we gifted the access network, which needs replacing with fibre. For Open Access. For competition. For consumer choice. For next generation access delivery.

Or we can just keep forking out for AM reports and hope one day they are read by the folk with the money and comprehension to do what is required in this country. Who may well be, at this rate, building train sets in their attics for their grandchildren instead. I suggest that could well prove to be more rewarding.


Somerset said...

UK has none of what? There is a huge fibre network connecting every exchange and every big business in the UK run by several telcos.

Copper, fibre, sting, spaghetti will all keep working as long as they are not physically broken and the kit on the end is powered up.

Please reply!

Somerset said...

Texts on the tube - why is this not happening? Will you try and spin it round to lack of fibre?

It's a funding issue -

Somerset said...

If you want the truth on commms in Japan see:

UK has fibre connectivity and decent DSL for most.