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Friday, 9 January 2009

Ofcom report on UK broadband speeds

Thanks to a partnership with Samknows, the report on the recent survey of UK broadband speeds by Ofcom is now available.

It makes for disheartening reading. Sadly, for me, there is a big white blank spot across the north of England rural areas (Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales, Teesdale, Weardale, Lancashire etc). Ditto in Scotland. We know from first hand experience that the broadband in these areas is, in many cases, truly appalling, yet there are no survey respondents in those areas. This means that the overall results are going to be skewed upwards from acuality - a shame. However, perhaps, even weighted as the results will inevitably be now and in 6 months time, the information is out there. Perhaps it will bring 'up to speed' those who have believed that UK internet consumers are happy with their lot, and accelerate the drive towards FTTH.

27% of the country gets 2Mbps or less. And 20% of those on an 'up to 8Mbps service actually receive less than 2Mbps (we have been saying this for a very long time - it is nice to have hard data to support our claim).

77% and 60% respectively are dissatisfied with their internet usage for audio and video. (One suspects that the 60% is lower because most of us can't even consider trying to download a film!)

Rural consumers receive, on average, speeds 13% slower than their urban counterparts. (And this without that large swathe of rural northern England).

There is much more info of valuable reading. take time out today to ingest this material and promote FTTH on the back of it. The link again is here.

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