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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Brown to invest in next gen broadband?

Both BBC and ITV news have just mentioned the possibility of investment in some form of next gen network (no details given, of course) in an attempt by Brown to create jobs during this recession.
Sky mentions it briefly on their website. Very Tennessee Valley. How it could be implemented in a co-ordinated manner remains to be seen....your thoughts at this juncture? I'm liking the recession if it accelerates the dev of FTTH across the nation, but am not convinced that it will start in those places that most need it first ie where there is likely to be substantial FTTH market failure with Virgin, BT et al.

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Graham said...

Also mentioned in a front page story in the Observer yesterday (4 Jan). I've been hoping that public sector investment in NGA was on the cards as part of the inevitable Keynsian 'New Deal' that Gordo has just announced. The proof - as noted by the increasingly impressive Vince Cable (who now seems to me to be the only opposition figure of any real quality) - is in the eating. Labour do have a propensity for making big announcements and then failing to deliver on the ground. The eagerly awaited 'Digital Britain' report, due in draft in the next week or three, should offer some detail.