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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

There's always a way...

This wee tale highlights the fact that the current approach by this government to rely on the #fail telcos to put in any level of next generation infrastructure is more than misplaced. It's likely to waste hundreds of millions of pounds and put Britain into the slow lane for years, because the telcos simply cannot get out of the box. Community networks can.

This blog post can be read at

Lovely anecdote from Tim Nulty that hit my inbox last week:

One of our potential subscribers who needs the drop to be underground but doesn't want to pay the big extra cost called to say that he had buried a garden hose in the right place and could we put the drop through it?

I said I'd ask my engineers.

They said: "We can if we can get a pull-wire through it".

I told this to the subscriber--who called back an hour later to say: "I've got the pull-wire in place."

My engineers' reply: "Cool. We'll do it then. First time for everything."

It is dead simple. JFDI.


chris said...

excellent, JFDI is alive and well. I got this email from someone today...

"Were the next houses up (about 200 yards up the road towards the woods from the house shown on the link). 3 properties there. I’ll dig it in from the xxxxx myself.


Its great to see communities galvinised now its obvious government isn't going to do much to help any of them.
Power To the People who get on and do IT.

Anonymous said...

Agility offers the best guarantee of success for Big Society vs Big Government whenever these different interests collide.

JFDI already and beat back BDUK's quackery or wait for the inevitable do-nothing fiasco only capable of delivering waste.

And nowhere better to JFDI than the Final TenTH first, getting on with the job, in the community interest without public subsidy, simply seeking to fulfill an expressed demand for access to digital services.

Cybersavvy UK said...

Just shiFTed ThrougH the obfuscation (it's as good a word as any) in the above comment and feel obliged to ask the same question I have been asking for years:

Who owns the networks NextGenUs builds - are they community-owned or "in the interest of the community"? And if the latter, goto10, who owns the networks NextGenUs builds?

Can everyone become a NGU shareholder? If not, why not?

Is this really JFDI without public subsidy, or is the public subsidy much closer to home ie with ours and our neighbours' money, prior to the taxman getting his paws on it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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James Saunby said...

Getting the pull wire through a duct can be a problem. Washing it through with water usually helps - similar to blowing a fibre. Diagram here ...

Somerset said...

FibreGuy, did you actually answer the questions from Cybersavvy?

MB94128 said...

- - - - -
FibreGuy (re : FiWi deployment)
"NextGenUs Cumbria" 
(Blog post w/ pictures, NextGenUs, 3 July 2011)

James Saunby (re : pull wire for a conduit)
"Dig It Yourself" 
(How-To article, Grey Sky Consulting, 6 July 2011)