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Friday, 15 July 2011

Especially for Somerset - Google tests uber super dooper fibre

Google have now installed part of their fibre network at Stanford, and the rollout continues apace.

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Dear Somerset,

Perhaps you would care to ask some of those on Stanford Campus what on earth they might need such connectivity for and why on earth a company (who should know better according to your arguments) such as Google would pay for it?!


PhilT said...

"Campus residents will get free use of Google Fiber for one year after paying for installation." - any idea how much are they paying for installation ?

Google will love the access to their traffic for analysis, they're been prepared to pay for that in the past.

After the first year the residents pay, so maybe Google will make a profit on it ?

Somerset said...

You completely miss the reason for my question...

Some people suggest that those who do not get 1G FTTC will somehow be deprived. As many will only have access to FTTC with up to 20/80M or wireless the question is what effect will they see in terms of applications that will not run or be available compared with those with a 1G fibre connection.

Some say go and do some research like they have. Perhaps they could publish their research.

Somerset said...

As fibre is the solution for connectivity and 1G is the standard speed for off-the-shelf parts then that explains what they are doing.

The question I asked was what are the applications that do or will need bandwidth above 20M? HD video and fast file transfer would appear to be the only current ones.