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Friday, 28 January 2011

JFDI - 3rd book published!

There was only one other person who could have sat down and read all three of the JFDI books today, as she is the only other person who has all 3. (Luckily, she enjoyed her birthday instead!) The final part of this trilogy has hit the bookstands.

This blog post can be read at

I have been supremely lucky in my 'broadband' life to meet many of those who have made the world a very different place. Dave Hughes (Everest), Dave Isenberg (Stupid Networks), Abi Ransonet (Lafayette), Todd Marriott (Utopia) - I am lucky enough to have met them all. There are 1001 others, all of whom, to me, are equally important - this is not a name dropping exercise, more a very grateful thank you for the opportunities I have been granted.

For everyone who is planning a community network - please, please, talk to those who you meet. Whether they are building a new village hall in Cumbria, setting up TV bingo in deepest Alaska or the Andes, or overcoming natural obstacles in the Himalayas - your lessons are valid to each other.

The technology is irrelevant. What you do with it MATTERS.

Thank you all. This has been a very special part of my life and I hope my books may help, somewhere down the line. Every community and individual I have ever encountered through broadband has enriched my life.



Cybersavvy UK said...

This is not a sales pitch - it's just closure. ;o)

MB94128 said...
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MB94128 said...

In brief :
"Lindsey Annison's Storefront" at

For the FORTRAN geezers (IV or '77) among us :
990 FORMAT(.LT.,8Ha href=",[url],1H",.GT.,[label],.LT.,2H/a,.GT.)

Anonymous said...

For Audio and Video additions to the book JFDI BookPlus