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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

COMPETITION!!! Fibre tax is stalling UK investment in FTTH

In the run-up to the Milan conference on 8th Feb, we will be running a series of questions - the best answers will receive prizes in Milan at the FTTH Council Conference or, if you cannot attend, the prize will be sent to you. So...question 1.... The prize for this question is a really quite awesome and completely unique 5tth item that some time ago Benoit expressed a desire for!

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Do you believe that business rates on fibre, which are only applied in the UK, are affecting investment in UK FTTH?

From a telco point of view?

For external investors?

For UK investors?

You can either post your answer in the comments or email it directly to ldotannisonatgmaildotcom. The winner will be chosen in the Press Area at the Conference by a selection of the world's top FTTH journalists, and re-published here.

1 comment:

PhilT said...

No. It's 8 quid a year in business rates per home connected. A non issue I'm afraid.