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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Spend the

There is money, still, pouring in from Brussels and the EU for broadband/NGA projects, including in the UK. And the Euro lottery fund this week stands at £, what would you spend it on if you could access any of this money?

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You're about to be inundated with electioneering in the UK. Respond and retaliate. Imagine you only stood on communications and broadband issues. What are your policies? How would you spend the money available to solve the problem - phone levy, major EU subsidies, a lottery win etc?

What would be your solutions? Where would you start? Final Third First or a competitive market place? Force incumbents to play? Or offer new entrants a level playing field?

There are over a thousand people read this blog regularly - have your say! Post anonymously, if you wish. Perhaps it is time to speak now, before the election, and show you care about this issue........

1 comment:

GuyJ said...

Fibre to the Home for any community willing to step up and commit to take service, with FiWi as a way of making the winnings stretch furthest - that gets my vote!

Thing (a Viking word for parliament aptly enough!) is, what with all the expenses sleaze around the outgoing Rotten Parliament and the seemingly possible outcome of a hung parliament, it is just the time to find better ways

- independent utility party anyone...


"Ensuring the UK has the best available 4 21st Century utility services that together future-proof our Gross National Happiness"

IUP, Putting People First"

Or it could be called the Broadband Network Party I guess, though that particular acronym might be taken already.