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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Protecting the creative industry

Yesterday, I read hundreds of comments about the Digital Economy Bill. I came away with a single thought....

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Aren't the creative industry....lucky to have people out there 'protecting your interests'? Because many of us are doing what we feel to be right, because it needs doing, and knowing there is no chance of EVER being paid. We don't have a BMI etc to back us up.

It doesn't stop us doing it. Whether it is a scarecrow festival, an outside art installation, a campaign to save a pub or a village hall, a Parent Teachers Association raising money for the school, or major/minor campaigns endeavouring to prevent democracy being made a mockery of.

Unpaid? Who cares? If it matters, we will attempt to change the course of events, actions, thinking, etc. AT OUR OWN COST.

Do you?

Will you stand by your own beliefs, even when they cost you £££s? Or are you so shallow that you will only fight the corner when £££s enter the equation? Is any of it about £££s, or is it about a way of life, a community, the values that can be attributed to the maintenance of a tradition or an asset? The longevity of creativity, innovation, and far-sighted thinking?

Take 2 steps back. Why do you support what you support? Are your reasons for doing so - ethical, moral, purposeful, community-minded, long term? Or are they just egotistical and with a few £££s signs littering the path you choose to temporarily fill your £££bank account?

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