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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Time to start the Push

So, we now know where we stand... Digital Britain has come and other than taking £6 per year from us has made little difference.

When can I have my ultra high-speed broadband line? Well, to summarise what I believe Lord Carter would tell me if I ever do have the opportunity to ask him that question, don't expect it any time soon from the 'usual' providers and if you really want it that badly then do it yourself.

It's time to get things moving, to spread the word, to get others involved and to drag ourselves into the 21st Century.

As a starting point I have created a new group on LinkedIn called 21st Century Communications for Britain. If you have a LinkedIn account please sign up (here's the link: ). It's just a starting point but the more people we can get involved the quicker we can start to make changes for all of us.

1 comment:

GuyJ said...

The push has started already :)

Check out

This is the first phase for 1000+ residents and the engineering is well underway