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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Business & Enterprise Committee to inquire into Broadband Speed

Hmmm... another committee, another report. Just what we need.

I can understand the sentiment and the thought that perhaps the DB report was not aggressive enough in its aspirations but the way to fix it is not to form another committee (which BTW does not look very representative to me) and deliver another report which will also fall short of our aspirations. Time to ignore the politicians?

Here's a thought... DB set a 2Mbit/s USC. That means 2M to every house in the UK. Let's take some of the most rural. How do we do that? Copper doesn't work, wireless has too many issues, satellite is too expensive. Is fibre the only option?

Can we deliver on the USC to all areas without implementing an infrastructure that is capable of drastically exceeding it?

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