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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Digital Britain Report - today's the day

The Digital Britain report is to be presented to Cabinet today and published soon (possibly at 3.30pm). Follow it on these sites.....

Twitter (obviously!) #digitalbritain
Guardian site, live from the launch
Live Blogging from @beamadelica
Number 10 site (I can't get this link to work but maybe others on better connectivity can)
Parliament TV (This won't work over my connection either!!)

It is interesting to note there are no mobiles nor laptops allowed into the launch of this report, nor is there any internet connectivity it seems. On top of this, the CRC Report on broadband in rural communities is being launched in central London on 23rd June. Deeply rural is the Palace of Westminster, so a well chosen venue to highlight the real issues.

Very inclusive all this, showing the world how good the UK is at using the technology it is planning to be a champion/expert with. Not.

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