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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

How much evidence do we need? UK 24th

Yet another survey showing the UK well down the broadband league tables, this time commissioned by Cisco and carried out by Oxford and Oviedo universities, and putting US in 16th and UK at 24th.

As a consumer who knows the current tech is not good enough even for my usage, I am really beginning to wonder in light of Caio's Review saying the case for investment is weak, just how much evidence this country requires to get our act together on FTTH.

Caio has managed to tow the party line (the telcos' party that is), re-defining NGA to now include every technology which can or cannot deliver anything approaching true broadband. I know he is having a bad week but even so, this country needs true, quality broadband NOW and that review should not in any way be taken as the policy driver for UK broadband. It is limited in its vision, misunderstands the needs of the consumers and businesses who drive our economy, and fails utterly to escape from the restrictive telco thinking which has impaired our broadband and communications ability for far too long.

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