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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

FTTH Council Public Call for Papers

FTTH Council Europe has issued, for the first time, a public call for papers for the next conference in Copenhagen, February 2009. The deadline for abstracts is 26th September.

The conference will focus on "building a sustainable future" and there are several areas of this undoubtedly of great interest in the current climate (both economically and physically.)

The key topics at the conference are:
* FTTH & Sustainable Development
* Revenues from Current - and Future Services
* FTTH and the Investor Community
* Regulation & Policy
* Case Studies: Successful FTTH-networks in the spotlight
* Technology & Innovation
* How to implement FTTH-Networks
* FTTH Market

Price Waterhouse Coopers have produced a report on behalf of the FTTH Council about the environmental impact of FTTH which makes interesting reading. You can read a brochure about FTTH environmental impact and the report here.

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