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Thursday, 18 September 2008

BT send big guns to Wales

ThinkBroadband reports on the trip to Wales by BT Chairman, Sir Michael Rake, to work on/with the Welsh Assembly on the matter of fibre.

Sadly, and fairly rarely for TB, the article includes two myths - a) that 1/2Mbps is sufficent for today's use and 2) that next generation broadband starts at 50Mbps - try 100 or even 1000Mbps please.

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Cerys and Alys said...

yep, another fib or urban myth. The Fib revolution is a good title for this blog! what passes for broadband in rural areas is only a jazzed up always on dial up connection. Light the fibre, this country needs it. 'up to 8meg' (read half a meg if you are lucky) is not broadband.