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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bye bye telcos

Last time here, I visited 16 States and met untold numbers of people who were building FTTh networks (mainly) against all odds. Incumbent odds. This time, the USA seems much more "with it".

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I really must get a job. This drifting around the planet looking at fibre and rural networks quite simply doesn't pay. Well, not in pounds sterling.

In gleeful moments of joy (for which there does not seem to be a currency, yet) pays umpteen times over!

I have watched, over the last 8 years visiting America - north and south - certain networks achieve what the telcos will tell you is impossible. Rural communities that the AT &Ts of this world (BT in UK) tell you are impossible for anything above a totally derogatory 2Meg USO are now FLAUNTING 1-10 Gbps affordable Internet access. Not some VPN, but hardcore download/upload this, FAST oooooh *that* fast, Internet.

Even better, I am seeing funding coming in to these projects from the most unexpected quarters because the community networks now have a track record of delivering. Into deeply rural Homes and businesses.

Interestingly, those self-same homes and businesses that the telcos say are impossible to connect. Funny that.

Let us take a really desperate stab in the dark. Do YOU think the telcos might be LYING?? Because all the evidence points to it being feasible. This rural and remote, ultra HyperFast broadband delivered by communities.

Hang on, I need to write this in capitals....


and once again, I am seeing it.

Yeah, you can dismiss me as a hippified broadband evangelist campaigner, but when I can see this in place, talk to the people using it, whose lives it has changed, and where the business plans put paid to the shit that BT et al dole out about broadband to rural areas being unviable, well......what more do I need to do?

I can encourage YOU to get out of the UK and come and see this for yourself. I can publish the detail about the UK etc in the hope you may read it. I can shout, loudly, that you are being lied to over and over again, that YOUR money as a taxpayer is being (right royally) squandered. I can try, desperately, to encourage you to JFDI - we will all help you, even when your fibre is accidentally cut through, your exchange kit is well and truly trashed in a criminal attack when only two companies hold the keys for that site, (allegedly, obv) and when every single "respectable organisation" (cough splutter) tells you, "It ain't possible". We will back you up and prove it really, really is.

I will hazard a guess that every single minister and BT top bod since I started this campaign nigh on 20 years ago is a Freemason and that unless you are, your project will never be funded.

But, you don't need to roll your trouser leg up and stand in a bowl of porridge to deliver seriously good broadband. You just need to JFDI.

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