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Monday, 7 May 2012


Been here two weeks tomorrow and I think I have more to say than time to write, but here goes....
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Today has been one of those days where certain thoughts distil themselves clearly. So, I have tonight, after cleaning the boat (including the head), sat in on an EC Fiber Exec Committee meeting, held over the phone. Having been party to many of this type of community broadband governance calls/meetings previously, but never as an observer to such an extent, certain parallels begin to emerge. In my simplistic way, I am going to try to categorise them. My thoughts obviously will include much I have heard over the previous 17 years or more, as well as that heard most recently in Dallas, TX, Lafayette and New Orleans, LA, and here in Vermont, as well as during my journeys since leaving UK. Tomorrow, I am going to Massachusetts (I think this will be state 6 on my trip) for a community broadband meeting, and then on Wednesday I set sail south again, so I will endeavour to complete this series of blog posts whilst the thoughts, opinions, ideas etc are still fresh. That may need to be tonight with all that is planned in the coming hours, days and weeks! This will be an Alphabet Soup Post and this is the intro. For the sake of future searches, I am going to give each letter its own post. If you remind me, at the end, I will put the whole lot into a book available on for you to buy to fund further mileage.......! Or you could just sponsor me through my Paypal account to maximise what I can learn on this trip on your behalf. I've already blown my kids' inheritance, made myself and them homeless, and am living on broken shoestrings to do this so what's a tenner out of your pocket to stretch this trip out a wee while longer?!! Let me know if you fancy a punt.

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