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Monday, 14 November 2011

WiBe testing on a hill

Headed up the hill to one of the few places that seems to get 3G round here. Although I still couldn't see it on my iPhone, except very sporadically, when I managed to get a quick test in, the WiBe settled in pretty quickly.

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The initial euphoria at finding a far better connection speed than ADSL can offer in Upper Eden has not yet worn off! Am seriously debating finally going into agriculture and setting up a WiBe farm with lots of them in my attic.

WiBe test

3G Test on iPhone


chris said...

The upload is 5 times better than anyone on market 1 exchanges can get with adsl! The download is 3 times faster than anyone round here too. Bit of a nobrainer if you ask me, sack off the landline broadband and get a wibe.

Richard Dix said...

I'm really pleased the unit works this well. i'll get you the new one up there asap. Richard