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Thursday, 18 August 2011

BDUK Money

Have managed not to post the drafts that have been in the wings for several days, and those which were then written when the BDUK announcement became official. But, I will say this.....

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The riots were a very visible symptom of much that is wrong in this country - in inner cities, for youngsters, for the impoverished, the excluded etc.

However, there are many INVISIBLE signs of what is wrong in this country - for manufacturers, farmers, those in rural areas, those digitally excluded. Meanwhile, people have been so British - keep calm and chocolate on, #riotwombles, #operationcupoftea, and all those who just go to work as normal. Each and every day.

Yet, has a single Gummint Minister thanked those who did NOT riot, those who cleaned up, those who kept the food and information flowing whilst you sat on your beaches? Have you thanked those bloggers and citizen journalists who tweeted or spoke from the streets with honourable, sensible advice to make up for the lack of central advice on WTF to do? Or have you been too busy slagging off those in opposition and highlighting your own failings?

Right now, to us, the electorate, you ALL look like you are in opposition. To the people of this nation.

Should we, the forgotten ones, riot too to get your notice, to bring you back from holiday, to bring you down to earth?

I've just binned 3 or 4 blog posts about why rural communities haven't. Yet. Rioted. But not just rural peeps, I think I speak for many other sectors too. Our patience is wearing thin with you, Westminster. You are TOO out of touch.

As an example, I suspect that throwing £530M (or a similar combin8tion of digits thereof) at the digital broadband problem will only exacerbate the divides and cracks that are now tearing this country apart. Because, IMHO and probably many others, this "solution" is yet again ill-informed, ill-suited to the problem and so, so, so poorly executed that you (who claim to be in charge) can only come in for flak.

Do any of you actually understand the problem you are endeavouring to solve? Or are you blinded by the glaring tarnish (sorry, varnish) of the glittering last century telco death throes?

Want my honest opinion? What an almighty cock-up you are busy creating. And so avoidable if you were less arrogant and listened to the people in this country.

Do I trust you to spend this BDUK money wisely? Not a bloody chance. You are already deeply in the mire of getting it wrong, and seem to have no comprehension of what results your actions will bring. Nor care.

Whether it is about Broadband or I want JD Sports or unprepared police forces sent to face 200 rioters with no kit - Westminster and local authorities seem unable to make even a simple decision any more from the ivory towers. Individually, some of you are doing well, but collectively - what a bloody shower you are.

Maybe your lofty perches are not the best places for y'all, after all? Perhaps, just perhaps, bending an ear to the ground, where the vast hubbub of activity takes place, is long overdue?

Anyone ready to #JFDI, stick around!

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