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Monday, 18 October 2010

I never thought I'd say this...but

Well done to the CLA
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The Country Land and Business Association, is actually one of the most active pressure groups when it comes to getting decent digital coverage into rural areas, and they seem to be the only mainstream organisation to have picked up on the flagrant shortcomings of the `Get online' week. This is a press-release which landed in my inbox earlier this afternoon.

Don’t forget rural-urban digital divide, says CLA

The CLA today (18 October) issued a reminder not to forget the rural-urban digital divide during Get Online Week.

The Association warned that businesses and communities in rural areas without an adequate broadband service continue to be digitally disadvantaged.

CLA Yorkshire Regional Director Dorothy Fairburn said: “One in five people in rural communities is still unable to connect to the internet effectively.

“Broadband access for firms in rural areas is essential for their businesses to grow. Without broadband it will become harder for rural business to compete effectively with their urban counterparts.”

Miss Fairburn added: “Internet service providers must help to close the rural-urban digital divide. Broadband is an essential tool to help UK businesses recover from the current economic crisis.”

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