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Friday, 17 April 2009

Digital Britain conference

Am watching the Digital Britain conference

For those who missed Malcolm Corbett's comment about his use of PirateBay etc, here it is:

I admitted to being a 'thieving' consumer.

Recently I heard hotel california on the radio. I own it on vinyl, consequently haven't listened to it for years, so I downloaded it from a piratebay link.

A while ago I was abroad and in the hotel thought it would be great to watch an episode of green wing (which we own on dvd). C4 wouldn't allow me to stream it abroad ... So I downloaded it from a link on piratebay.

Also a while ago I heard a song by portishead - a band I sort of missed out on, so I downloaded the album, liked it and bought two more cds from amazon.

This means I 'illegally' downloaded two things I already own and one I subsequently bought, all at zero cost to the industry. What's the problem?

The real point is about the nonsense of criminalising consumers rather than working out new business models that exploit the advantages of zero cost digital distribution & peer to peer customer recommendation.


UPDATE@ the Digital Britain Unconference is happening from 5th May and there is undoubtedly an event near you. A must attend if you care about broadband ...

Twitter channel
Digital Broadband Unconference Website

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