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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Yorkshire "Almost blanket coverage" - again?

Like I've said before - memories are short in the broadband world. Welcome to all the newbies getting involved but please accept some of us have been here before ...

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Another Yorkshire broadband event is announced, with these lines in the report:

The NYnet scheme was heralded as being as important as the arrival of the railways when it was announced four years ago.

It will see almost blanket coverage of internet broadband to attract a new breed of businesses which rely on cutting-edge technology to North Yorkshire.

Which sort of makes you wonder about this headline in 2006:

Yorkshire hits 100 per cent broadband coverage
which comes from ZDnet, amongst others who heralded the arrival of 100 % coverage. Funny that, it turned out to be a lie after all....hmmm, wouldn't ya just know it?

And in another 5 years' time, according to my crystal ball, all the Cornwalls, Lancashires etc, will be doing exactly the same as this. Holding events to announce that it turns out that FTTC can't cut the mustard after all and it's time to work out how to do the right technology (that'll be FTTH) to attract the businesses that rely on cutting-edge technology, blah blah blah.

Groundhog day. We should make a film about it. Except it'd take centuries to upload in the UK.....

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