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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Milan - ups and downs

As ever, a day of ups and downs. This is a syndrome that plagues broadband campaigners, I believe.

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Down - Groundhog day - nowt new under t'sun! Very similar programme and out of session discussions that remind me of Amsterdam in 2004, etc.

Up -...more and more hard evidence that rural FTTH can be done. And is being done. Zero proof of BT's non-economic viability claim. In fact, now it is beginning to look like the corporate 'untruth' many have suspected for years. Possible international landgrab on the Final Third?

Down - text from rural UK saying yet another council don't get what 'innovative pilot' means. Yet more jam spread too thin and potential procurements being given to a company that has not yet proven it can even do FTTH. WHY???

Up - Fibre Friday plans between different countries now coming to fruition

Down - UK not in global rankings or even on speaker list - after all, UK has zero to boast about here. British delegates - the few there are - play for humble pie not FiWi Pie. How sad.

Up - Diffraction Analysis launch (booth swamped!!) yummy retro sweeties including spaceships. Best networking space at the conference.

Down - conference network overwhelmed, Finally get online at 4pm.

Up - No internet so go walkabout and meet fascinating people, plus old friends

Down - More and more people now know I am British. "WTF is the UK doing?" is the question everyone asks first.....

Up - the camaraderie at Council conferences. Yes, it is very industrial but there is still space and time for us consumer peeps....there should be more though.

Down - not enough output about what the tech can do... still. A big failing as industry just want to show off to each other "my pipe is fatter than yours" etc

Up - one more day to go. Frank Jaffer, Andorra, Skelleftea and 101 others still to catch up with, plus all the unknown connections to make.

As ever, a big thank you to the FTTH Council EU for a great conference.

29th Feb and 1st March next year in Munich...

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