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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Twitter, it's like a flock of starlings

Thanks to Twitter it is becoming harder and harder to control the Internet, as the Met has found out today
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Last week's student demos in London showed that the police are perhaps beginning get a very vague handle on how Social Media works, when they Tweeted to the demonstrators who has occupied the roof of Conservative Campaign HQ, suggesting that they'd had their fun and they might like to come down now.

A valiant effort to get with it, but the Rozzers' cyber-awareness rather hit the buffers today when they asked a hosting company to take down a blog called Fitwatch which was handing out handy hints to the students on how to avoid getting their collars felt. The hosting company duly obliged, and the Fitwatch blog disappeared....or did it.

A quick search on Twitter reveals that the offending information is now available on more than twenty other websites, quite a few of whom are not .uk sites.

If the boys, and girls, in blue want to get this information off the web, they've got their work cut out... it's the age old net-lesson, as soon as you ban something, it will simply move elsewhere, usually attracting massive publicity along the way. It would be easier to dictate to a flock of starlings the kind of formations in which they should fly, or perhaps even it would be easier to herd cats.

Good night all


chris said...

shame the dinosaurs trying to sort out the digital economy act don't realise this...

Louise Kidney tweeting as @loulouk said...

I do love your style ;o)I nearly fell over on discovering one of the bods running/help Fitwatch was a housemate of a former sort of not a fling. Small web world.