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Thursday, 18 November 2010

1st London 5tth Tweetup

Just reached tonight's accomm, courtesy of Helen. Thank you all for attending, it was great! There were a couple of #fails - name badges, people arriving and not realising who we were (apologies to those people), venue too small and loud, but there were multiple #wins.

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I may miss out the odd name, but it was great to have Philip Virgo (Eurim) present to talk about VOA/fibre tax amongst other things - watch this space for ongoing movement there!

Rob Leenderts (C&W) and Matthew Hare hotfooted it over from the TEN conference, although we lost Lorne Mitchell who was networking there! Andrew Churchill (a cybersecurity expert) fell into our clutches entirely accidentally, but turns out he is from Teesdale (just o'er t'hill from me, so that was an interesting coincidence!). Jim joined in, another accidental attendee, and has gone off to introduce his mum to social media surgeries in Leicestershire. (So, if you are planning one in that area, let me know please).

Aled turned up - a face from the old days and a welcome sight. He and I go back to before the day of the Wyboston vote to give the Community Broadband Network the go ahead to take on the entire membership of the Association of Broadband Communities. Many of you were not around then and do not know the history of CBN's birth through the work of the very many people like Aled who were building wireless networks before many in the UK had even heard the term 'broadband'. Aled - stay in touch!!!

We had an apology for absence from Computer Weekly, who earlier in the day had become the first "#rorysreivers do Ambridge" sponsor. There was some minor blog award ceremony that apparently took precedence!

Dave Winder, Bob Franklin, Anna, Paul Griffiths, and Louis Mosley from Rory Stewart's office were all there too and contributing.

Conversations were wide, varied and full on. And the meal afterwards was great. Two people are going off for a tour of the Olympics shindig in the morning, I'm off back to meet a few people at the House tomorrow (and not going home yet!), and who knows what other collaborations came out of it!

Apparently, the next tweetup is at NextGen 10 in Brum. I suspect, as I haven't been offered a ticket, (yet!) I'll be outside at the Unconference again, but for the rest of you, have fun!! And we MUST do this again.


chris said...

Don't know if you got the messages last night, carrier pigeon might not have made it through from the northern tweeters, but SirBonar sent his appols, Euphorbia had him pinned down in one of their regular sessions. Sarah was at another do with Tim.
I am still stuck in Lancs with the rope pull through the bridge, yes its TODAY but glad it was a good tweetup.

Aled said...

Hi everyone - great meeting last night, lovely to reconnect with some familiar faces and it was good to see the enthusiasm is still present for community broadband.

My interest is (still) in the "middle layer" protocols. Fibre (and wireless back in the day) is a great medium for high capacity networking and everyone has ideas for the high level applications that they want to access over the net. My interest is on the middle layer, designing and deploying networks using Layer2/Layer3 hardware and protocols to give best value, best reliability and performance in a scalable way. Also in the interconnection of islands of high-speed broadband to form a national meta-mesh of internetworks.

Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye on what's happening and expect to see me popping up at various events when I can find the time!

Aled Morris