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Thursday, 15 October 2009

UK TV advert

Apparently, this is what happens when you accidentally hit the broadband network in the UK......

If we could lay a fibre network that worked, that outpouring of squids is probably about right. But for UK Plc rather than some bingo company.


Cyberdoyle said...

the pipe runs right past our house, maybe we could drill into it and join it instead of remaining on rural dial up? Then we could get our squids too?
great fun.

Cybersavvy UK said...

Yeah, it runs past my house too. Do you remember the "backhaul backhoe" story from years ago when in Mid West America someone held the fibre optic trans-America cable to ransom with a JCB to get their community connected? I'd quite like to splice into the FO within 1km of my house as no-one else seems interested in connecting my village......maybe we could find a BBC show who might be interested in filming it (LOL!!!)