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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Said Business School Report

Just worked my way through this report about Broadband Quality released yesterday

I wish I hadn't now. It so clearly states how very far behind Britain is, and yet the spin is already beginning to appear on the news about how it shows we are doing just fine in the broadband stakes.

No, we are not. The definition of what today's apps are, and which we are therefore "meeting the needs of" (but not comfortably) are what many of those reading this blog were doing years ago, and are NOT what we would expect to be doing today. Those apps defined as tomorrow's apps are what we would very much like to be able to do today but are unable to.

And THAT is how bad broadband is in Britain.

And once again, the definition of what is required for today's apps eg 3.5Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up shows why the USC (which should be an obligation not a commitment) is utterly out of touch. Wait till the 2010 report shows that the USC is even more of a joke. Our BQS is around the 30% mark, it simply isn't good enough folks.

It is definitely time to start the Broadband Manifesto machine rolling because on this issue alone Labour are completely clueless, and on many more are equally as bad. Grrrr!


Cyberdoyle said...

I really despair when the beeb publishes reports like this from 'Oxford' without doing some research themselves. It just shows how many journalists as well as politicians simply don't get IT. We are falling behind so fast now it is mindblowing. We should be leading the way, we are a small country with large population, and our two 'telcos' are replicating in urban areas and ignoring rural, and neither are deploying next gen, they are both using copper to deliver. If only a famous face could expose this - I doubt they will until it is too late. Wonder who it will be? bet it ain't Auntie.

Cybersavvy UK said...
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Cybersavvy UK said...
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