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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Flight of fancy

Anyone breed pigeons?

Please can we borrow one to replicate the experiment featuring Winston the pigeon?

Actually, if anyone would care to pay, I can do a more interesting experiment involving myself and a slightly different means of flight.

Were I to wish to upload the contents of my portable IcyBox hard drive (currently standing just shy of 100GB), over a typical UK ADSL connection, that would take me at least 37 days on my connection of 256k up.

However, in Japan, Bangkok, Hong Kong, many cybercafes offer 1Gbps symmetrical connectivity. So, my plan would be to start the upload on my connection here, get online and find a ticket, book it, set off with a duplicate copy of my hard drive, fly to Japan, find a cybercafe, upload the copy, do some sightseeing (Mount Fuji beckons!), buy some funky IT kit, and head home. I think I should beat the UK upload by at least 4 weeks and finally get a week's holiday.

If someone fancies trying it over a better ADSL connection, I still think I will be home 5 days or so before it has finished sending.

100GB is nothing in this day and age. If I was on a FTTH connection similar to those available in rural areas of Sweden, I wouldn't even have time to find the ticket before the job was done.

Need I point out what this limited connectivity does to everyday productivity, let alone (mis)use of our leisure time.......

(Upload Maths made easy!)

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