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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Fibre optics in the first inch

Intel and others are pushing hard to bring fibre as close to the home as you could ever hope for....right to your PC through the ubiquitous USB dongle.

Got 'flu so someone else can fill in thoughts on this story please, but my 2p is that if we can have it that close to the edge of the network (my 'centre' but the operators' "edge"), we'd better start putting some to connect that first inch to the rest of the world, non?....

Oh, and please, make sure that every single one of these USB connectors is standard, guys. The multitude of non-standard adapters, cables and so on which now litter our homes, offices and landfills is obscene.


muir_bear said...
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muir_bear said...

I believe you are referring to "Light Peak" :

Intel on Light Peak

. There are other videos available just search YouTube for "light peak".

YouTube Light Peak Videos

muir_bear said...

Light Peak II - More links ...
Engadget Articles
Intel Tech. Blog
That image, in one of the Engadget articles, of the USB connector / dongle is probably a prototype unit or a back-compatibility one. The actual optical connector may not be finalized or patented yet. I would like to see some pictures of the LP connector myself. One of the things on my "To Do" list is to get an optical cable for one of my PC's so that I can try Ethernet over optical (I've got an old switch and a NIC).

Anonymous said...

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