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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

With all they do for us....

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution at Spurn Point (possibly the most famous lifeboat station in the UK) need your help. See below.

The RNLI is one of the most honourable and valued organisations in the UK, with their brave members saving lives, often in the most foul of weathers, from mother nature. They have saved over 137,000 lives at sea, and sadly, many of their own have died in the attempts.

Dig deep for these guys - they survive on charitable donations anyway as our government doesn't see fit to support the incredible work that they do - and please support the efforts to put in a pilot FTTH project to the community of lifeboat men, their families and others around Spurn Point. With 195 years of history, and in a deeply remote location, these guys need your support to get connected.

If you can help in any way, whether financial, with a donation of ducting, or to spare a few hours digging for men who risk their lives for us all, day in and day out, please get in touch with Fibrestream as soon as possible.

Remember, lifeboat stations are often located in the most inhospitable of places and need connectivity using the very latest technology to keep their members and those they aim to rescue alive.....a few pennies or hours of your time could save lives a long way into the future.

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