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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Make FTTH an election issue

Not some impoverished USO. Nor anything to do with copper eg Fibre To the Copper/co-ax. But Fibre to every home and business in the country. Start lobbying your MP, find out where they stand, let us know. Make it a matter for the hustings.....

We have to start making this a major issue that matters and get the right policies in place through a) education of the masses during the run-up to the next election, and b) policy delivery, preferably before but also post-election, whoever is elected.

The next election will occur within months of the UK Olympics. Without a decent national communications infrastructure, our Olympics could be a disaster. Every visitor, whichever venue they visit, will expect wi-fi and true broadband in cafes, pubs, venues, B and B, hotels, train stations, etc etc. They will be UPLOADING pictures and videos. Can our network cope??? Can we offer what they are accustomed to at home? Will we seem like a 3rd world broadband nation, even in 2012?

Join us in:
* mapping where the current MPs stand on the issue
* getting FTTH on every party's manifesto
* explaining next gen FTTH broadband in clear, simple, plain English and standard terminology
* by the time of OR LONG BEFORE the next election.

You heard it here first ....;o)

1 comment:

Cyberdoyle said...

Well I am with you for one... but it is gonna be a hard slog to convince people. Our primary goal has to be JFDI, because if we do it and people see just how great it is to have real broadband then the job will be done for us. Too many people in power in this country are taken in by the stats that ofcom and bt dish out. they don't understand the tech and they haven't time to learn, so are at the mercy of these two. I do believe they honestly think BT are delivering next gen through 21cen, though we all know it is a patched up phone network and not a real solution. Keep blogging, and we will also do the fibre party manifesto, but we must also keep working to build infrastructure for ourselves. Power to the people.