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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Telco 2.0 Event

The one event not to miss this autumn!! The Telco 2.0 event "Reducing Friction in the Digital Economy - exploiting latent telco assets" is on 4th and 5th November in London and if you grab your ticket NOW you get a 20% discount. JFDI!

Telco 2.0 thinking has been contributing to the paradigm shift within telecoms, and this event is one to seriously make an effort to get to. If you have ever read the Telco 2.0 research or blog, including the write up on the BSG event in July, then you know that there is a whole new world of thinking within Telco 2.0 that you can't afford to miss.

As Martin Geddes (well-known globally through his Telepocalypse blog) just told me, "We've a quite different perspective to the rest of the telecoms/analysts out there as to where the money comes from in future." Now, doesn't that just heighten your desire to know more?! Book NOW and we'll see you there!

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