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Sunday, 3 August 2008

How good is UK broadband today?

Samknows will beat Ofcom to conducting the most comprehensive review of broadband in the UK, and has already put out the first report. Available hereInteresting results, need to consider some of what is revealed here before posting more, would welcome comments. Initial reaction though is about the fact that Samknows (not an over-funded Government agency) has found a way to overcome the problems caused by many speedtests which are whitelisted by the ISPs to 'falsify' the results, using hardware run by consumers, and hence this report makes for far more interesting reading than the majority of reports about UK broadband speed. Well done, Sam!!

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soundrop said...

I've used the Samknows hardware to check my broadband line performance and I agree with you: Samknows have designed a proper solution to run speed tests, much more robust than anything which has received perhaps excessive media coverage in the last few months. And incidentally, that's also the reason why Ofcom (which, at least in theory, is not a government agency) will rely on practically the same solution to run their tests.