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Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy 2012 and welcome to Hope

Happy FTTH to all and may 2012 be the year that every single one of you fight tooth and nail to get it. First things first though... a warm welcome .......

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It has been a very long time in the waiting for this young lady to arrive............ at 3.43pm UK time on 5th Jan 2012, (just before the Three Kings were due to show up), Hope was 'unzipped' with a weight of 6lb 12oz. This post is simply to add our congratulations to the thousands to our dearest friend Ellie Stoneley, her daughter Hope, and husband Roy so they know we are all wishing them the very best today, tonight, tomorrow and from now on.

Ellie (and Roy, obviously!) showed what a little fusion can do, and after the longest pregnancy in history for some of us, which has resulted in a massive reduction of the global candle mountain, we are all delighted to share in the joy that has come from welcoming Hope into the big wide world.

Many of us have been following #unbornbaby and The Spaniard and Ellie's blog. The strength evident in those posts and tweets, and shared unselfishlessly with so many of us, will help many to live our lives for the right reasons too over the coming months and years. A hearty thank you for allowing us the privilege to share in the courage shown, and also to those who have been on the sidelines through this experience. Especially all at the Rosie who we should probably inundate with flowers and gratitude for their unceasing work on behalf of parents UK wide, especially over Xmas and New Year when their families undoubtedly needed them too.

Ellie is an inspiration and friend to many of those here and across the community regeneration world, as well as having some serious A list connections -it all clearly illustrates just how loved she is, globally. Actually no-one can hold a light to her, her enthusiasm, passion or commitment in the community arena. And if you know Roy from the FTTH (kerb) world, then you'll understand the love emanating from 5tth Central for this family right now.

Everyone wishes Hope, Ellie, Roy and all of the Stoneley-Gradwells the very best. Our thoughts are with you and your close and extended family. xxx

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Cybersavvy UK said...

Why not make a donation to the Rosie? Hospitals and staff such as this are SO, so, so important. Air ambulances, cave rescue and a thousand other such services should not be down to the public funding them, but they are. Nowadays.

I also strongly urge you to read some of Ellie's posts about how mothers with newborn children are treated - no hot meals, only sandwiches. It is not the fault of the staff but of that dreaded awful term - bureaucracy, and the loss of common sense.

If you think the UK is civilised in our treatment of the old, the young or the good - think again. We appear to have moved into a world that doesn't even qualify for the term 'third' or 'developing'.

Walk outside your front gate, your car door, your pension and ask what is happening in YOUR COMMUNITY, to your neighbours, and with your taxes in 2012. And then JFD something about it.