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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Workington, working together?

BT will shortly announce that they have just cherry picked Workington out of Cumbria's roll out. They may have made the announcement already....been busy here.....

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This county that I and others choose to live in is being scammed. Big style. As are far too many others. (Or prove us wrong?). Not for the BDUK money per se but for the townships which would then make a rural rollout actually worth playing with. Using the BDUK procurement as a backdrop.

Apparently C&W, who didn't actually show at the suppliers' day in Carlisle recently, are backing out. Read: have left. So, we're down to two players (waiting for confirmation but that isn't due till about next spring) and word on the street is that someone high up in HMG is trying to keep BT's monopoly alive and well. Like that comes as a surprise.

There are questions that need asking at County level about the fitness of some of those making telecom decisions for our next generations. But ask yourself in far more depth and detail what the hell is going on in Westminster that yet another County is down to only (in reality) a single player with two initials?

Yes, a register is required of lobbyists but how about a list of every single ex-BT employee and shareholder who seems to be currently involved in some very poor decision making for the future communications infrastructure of this country?

Hey, we get the need for commercial cut throat games, but why not put in open access infrastructure and then let them chop chunks out of each other?

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wireless pacman said...

It always makes me laugh (cry almost!) when talking to local politicians, whether they be MPs or local councillors. They might be "very interested" in hearing about what we have to offer but are always VERY keen to stress that they are not allowed to show ANY degree of favouritism. Often, in (almost) the same breath they will then tell you about various meetings they have had with that wonderful incumbent to try and put pressure on them to "sort things out".

And of course whenever that same incumbent has some demand led marketing scam (sorry, of course I mean scheme) in operation to "select" x locations to "benefit", then these same politicians are doing the rounds rallying the troops for the greater good.