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Friday, 24 June 2011

Let's make IT simple in the Bit Society

Ah, another week hearing about, and seeing first hand, how few people get IT. So, let's encourage folks to catch up.....We have all these great IT and money-saving ideas out in the Big Society so let's share them.

This blog post can be read at

1. Stop printing business cards to hand out willynilly to all and sundry. Print a few only and put a QR code on the back.


That is the QR code for this website. Right click and save to promote the site!

Next time you meet me, I'll probably be wearing the QR code with my contact details. It may be on the bottom of my boots as I seem to be spending my life on either my knees or bum at the mo ;o)

(Want to make your own QR code?
Want to read a code on a smartphone? Use Scan on iphone or zxing on android - there are multiple others).

2. Stop printing out documents. Apparently some MPs have, to date, been able to get docs printed and couriered to them. Now, they have to read them online. Good. We all should read online where possible.
(However, the paperback version of Quakebook is now available on and you *must* buy that!)

3. Much as we want to keep the Post Office afloat, do you really need to post that form/letter/document? Could you just email it instead? I spent an happy hour persuading my Council to email me all my Council Tax info instead of posting me it multiple times. The lovely IT man set to and it turned out the system could do precisely that. Hopefully, now, the potholes may move up a notch or two on the budget priority list with the spare money this could release if applied to every householder, before I fall off the Ducati.

4. Set up a website for your Parish Council, District Council etc that does not say ring this number on an expensive phone line to request a copy of xyz document. If we can use DropBox, so can our local government. This should be used in particular for planning applications where the amount of paper relating to a complex application could have been used to produce biomass for the buildings in the development for the coming year(s).

Further suggestions from you are welcome!!

Let's make IT simple in the BIT Society.


PhilT said...

You'll be pleased to hear that the DVLA's tax renewal notice has a QR code for the online renewal site.

PhilT said...

wear your QR code

Cybersavvy UK said...

Cool shirts. Can get them done for a coupla quid locally so will support local enterprise and get one.