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Friday, 25 March 2011

Amazon #fail

Amazon fail to support Japan #QuakeBook

As we reach 14 days today since the earthquake and tsunami, and the consequential nuclear dilemma, a global group of authors, photographers, journalists and bloggers have expressed their frustration at Amazon's non-support of the publication 2:46 QuakeBook

This blog post can be read at

This book includes a multitude of first-hand accounts of the earthquake and its consequences, with all profits going directly to the Red Cross. Such accounts have been noticeably missing from the worldwide press as many journalists have been pulled from the story to report on Libya, or pulled from the region as nuclear fears rise.

As the deadline approaches at 2:46 Friday 25th March, it seems Amazon will not assist in making this book available worldwide.

For a global corporation to even presume that the many volunteers who have made this possible could be 'ambulance chasers' begs the question whether Amazon have their finger on the button at all with how social media, voluntary action and the severity of the disaster in Japan is affecting their customer base, worldwide.

Contact: @ourmainabiko #quakebook


Cybersavvy UK said...

OK, I admit to being more than a little disappointed that the self-imposed deadline of the 'come together community' for #quakebook was missed. Perhaps accusing Amazon of a #fail is a tad unfair. We'll see whether they come round....

However, for me, that post raises issues which became obvious (to me) a decade ago, and which continue to this day.

At what point do you permit corporate interests to dictate what happens within communities?

Over the last few weeks, and almost entirely NOT about broadband, problems have arisen where corporate and commercial interests have been protected, lauded, and applauded, even when these interests are quite clearly going to undermine, and in one case, destroy, community interests in the future.

Should the 'God of Money' be allowed to take precedence over long-term, but possibly not quite so profitable, community well-being?

chris said...

I just believe that everyone has a right to speech, and also in this day and age a right to a voice on the ether and in print.
You would have thought Amazon would have realised the opportunity they have to give a voice to the unheard people wouldn't you?
It would be a refreshing change to read about things from real experiences instead of the soundbytes from reporters. I never do trust reporters. dunno why. Probably because I have seen a bit from the other side and see how news is 'manipulated' to amuse the punters or scare them to death or sell copy. I hope Amazon publishes the quakebook.

PhilT said...

"At what point do you permit corporate interests to dictate what happens within communities?"

when the communities aren't self sufficient enough to do it without having to work to someone else's agenda ?

The book could be published as a PDF downloaded and printed worldwide by anyone with a printer and a mind to do it. If it doesn't suit Amazon to handle it that's up to them, they aren't dictating what other people do they are just deciding what they themselves do, surely ?

Cybersavvy UK said...

It's not so much not handling it, it's that, at present, Amazon apparently want a cut of the sale price. Considering what the money is being raised for....