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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Rural NGA pilots get major support

Lancashire Rose
A hearty cheer is to be heard in the North West of the UK today as the recipients of the RDPE funding through the NWDA are announced.

Even though I am from Yorkshire, I can only feel massive pleasure to hear that the £750k RDPE funding has been awarded to two projects in Lancashire which have been of huge personal interest to me. It really could not have been a better decision on the part of the NWDA and they deserve a pat on the back for getting it right.

What we will see now is the delivery of NGA pilots which show exactly how this country can deliver forward-thinking Next Generation Access into deeply rural areas using existing infrastructure, joined up thinking, fibre, already successful projects, and the huge experience that has been hard won over the years to be able to do this.

Congratulations to Lancaster City Council, Abbeystead, Wennington, Barry Forde, Chris Conder and the many others who have given so much to achieve this. HOORAY! I can't wait to write Part 2 of the book ;o)

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Cyberdoyle said...

Excellent to know that all our work hasn't been in vain. All these years of trying to convince people that NGA is important, and eventually they have realised the potential of true connectivity and the economic and social benefits it brings. Like most things the North West is going to lead the way, because this initial project is set to pilot a replicable solution for all areas of market failure. Many congratulations once more to Lancaster City Council who have had the foresight to pull together a superb team to blaze a trail into the final third.