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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Verizon hits the 100Gbps mark in Europe

Verizon has just increased its fibre backbone between Paris and Frankfurt to 100Gbps to cope with business demands in the future. This post would seem to tie in nicely with the earlier post about Ofcom etc considering what is required in the UK for BtB products - um, not *that* much, apparently!

Whilst Verizon are not actually offering the full 100Gbps at present, mainly because no enterprise is demanding it, it would seem by this action that they expect for that time to come sooner rather than later. Shouldn't we be adopting a similar approach in the UK?


Cyberdoyle said...

Thats great news, at least someone somewhere is planning for the future. The biggest worry in the UK is that the incumbent is still milking the obsolete Victorian phone network and patching up the copper instead of getting some fat pipes in. If only there was a minister who could see further than his own expenses... Until that day we JFDI ourselves, but the trunks are out of our control. It needs government intervention to do those...

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much