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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Day to day reality of UK broadband

Wanted: 1 video file of Fibrecamp. Method of transferring from east of country to west? Post. Yep, the great British postal system is the only method to get it here in a timely manner, other than driving there to pick it up.

Why? It is starting out from Hull, where upload speeds are as bad as anywhere else in the country, if not worse for an urban area. It has to get to Cumbria, where download speeds are so dire that I could pull all of my own teeth out faster than it will arrive.

This situation is now occurring almost daily. This is not how anyone should need to work in 2009 in the UK.


Cybersavvy UK said...

And I'm sitting here watching the tediously slow download of a 49MB file. Kettle on, clean the kitchen, make tea, print off some invoices....still not even halfway.....

Cyberdoyle said...

tis no good. We are just gonna have to breed some more carrier pigeons. I got the audio off the wave ok, it has taken all morning. No hope for video though.

Cybersavvy UK said...

I think pigeons may be the only answer, judging by recent comments from government.

I could fly to a cybercafe in Hong Kong and download the video (if it could be uploaded in the first place) faster.

Why is it that people in this country don't understand that those of us in rural areas trying to do normal, everyday things currently CANNOT do them?? We don't need restricted broadband in 2012, nor BET, nor first gen, we need fast, true, symmetrical broadband now.

Downloading/uploading a video is hardly Tomorrow's World news.

MB94128 said...

Re : 49MB file -
56kbps modem (best case) = 3 hrs. 16 mins.;
128kbps ISDN = 90+mins;
256kbps ADSL = 45+mins;
I hope Cybersavvy UK has at least the third choice. All three speeds stink like yesterday's road-killed polecat in high summer (the UK doesn't have the skunk problems Calif. has).

GuyJ said...

And here's the video... finally :)