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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Rateable Value

Always one that has bothered me this for a truly competitive market in the UK - property rating on fibre.

Looks like The Grauniad has picked up an interesting case study from Sohonet. We all know that in Korea the property rating on fibre was binned at the outset of their programme to get FTTH and FTTC across the country, but I have been endeavouring to find out what has been done in other countries about property rating on fibre, not only now with FTTH more needed, but also in the past eg the 80s.

Anyone got any details of property rating on fibre anywhere else in the world please to share?

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domhnall said...

This is not a new thing. The industry has been lobbyuing hard on this for 9 years now. Stephen Timms promised to have a review and sort it all out by the "Summer of 2003". Even worse is the fact that the system taxes BT one way and the rest another. BT pay according to a proft test, while the rest pay per km as soon as they light fibre. As far as I can determine no one else in Europe does this - not sure about the rest of the world. Trouble is, DBERR keep burying it (excuse the pun) while banging on about "doing everythign they can to enable blah blah blah blah"